Katherine Vavahea


Sydney-Based Polynesian Artist, Katherine has been spreading aloha throughout the Music Industry with her soulful and soothing voice. Singing everything from sweet R’n’B hits to Funkadelic tracks across Australia.

About Katherine

Think of a caterpillar that after a long time of incubation deep in the chrysalis emerging as a brand new and colourful Butterfly.

Realising and pursuing your hearts desire after a long period of slumber is synonymous with my late blossoming as an Artist.

It is never to late to follow and pursue your dreams!


Mama’s Soul Kitchen EP – October 2016

Elevated Higher – $1.99
 Till I’m Home – $1.99
Mama’s Soul Kitchen – $1.99
Pick Up The Phone – $1.99
Unwind – $1.99


Mama’s Soul Kitchen Ep Remix – 2017

Coming Soon!

Aloha through music!

I love the opportunity to make people feel something that takes them out of their everyday circumstances and loose themselves in the music.

Music Videos

Watch exclusive videos clips of some of the music I’ve created and performed.