About Me

Singer / Songwriter / Performer

Think of a caterpillar that after a long time of incubation deep in the chrysalis emerging as a brand new and colourful Butterfly.

Realising and pursuing your hearts desire after a long period of slumber is synonymous with my late blossoming as an Artist. It is never to late to follow and pursue your dreams!

Woman of Many Talents

I love the opportunity to make people feel something that takes them out of their everyday circumstances and loose themselves in the music.
I feel so humbled every time I get the opportunity to sing my music and perform in whatever capacity it is required.

I get to share my stories about my journey as a woman and a mother, stories about loss, abuse, love, life, friendship and triumph over adversity to rise again with faith, strength and courage as well as a new foundation of self love and self belief.

The Future

Writing for other great Artists as an established Songwriter and Producer as well as touring the world playing my music at Festivals and Concerts.

Continuing to make more music as well as writing for Theatre and Film. Getting uncomfortable with being comfortable.


Sydney NSW,